Frequently asked questions

Can the Inflatable Rolling Machines roll in Mud and water?

Yes, even though we don't recommend rolling in water for obvious reasons when dealing with electric power, but the answer still remains the same, yes it can. When in these situations, You simply bring the front wheels up higher upward onto the inflatable making the roller more vertical, causing now the weight of the inflatable to transfer downward to the back wheels, giving you thus the traction you will need. Also a perfect example is in the video at the very last scene.

How big is the Inflatable Rolling Machine?

The IRM1500 rolling machine is 26 x 27 It weighs 93 pounds The IRM 2000 rolling machine is 26 x 36 It weighs 93 pounds

Where can I purchase the Rolling Machine?

Are products can be purchased directly through our website found in our store, You can also call us directly and we can take your information over the phone, We also except PayPal and all other major credit cards.

What are the prices of the Inflatable Rolling Machines?

The IRM 1500 - is $1495 for inflatable's under 700 Pounds, The IRM 2000, - $1800 for Rolling inflatables as heavy as 2000 pounds. Shipping generally is around under $100, but can very, some, and this does not apply to those outside of the United States.

Does it roll up inflatables tight?


Is the Inflatable Rolling Machine Battery Powered or does it use a cord?

All of our machines are AC powered you simply unplug your blower when finished and plug in the roller and you're off and running. We have found through much research and testing that this is the most reliable source a power, it comes with the other benefits like not having to re-charge after every event, and should mention it weighs 45 pounds less.

How quick can we get the machine?

How much does the IRM 1500\2000 cost?

What is the difference between the IRM 1500 and IRM 2000?