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About Us

In August 2016, I was invited by my friend to witness his latest entrepreneurial venture. He had recently acquired some of the largest inflatable structures on the market at that time, one inspired by Jurassic Park, the other by King Kong.

Eager to see these impressive inflatables, I attended their inaugural event. The sheer size of the structures astounded me. Towering at approximately 40 feet high and featuring slides descending from the tops, these were unlike any inflatables I had seen before. Interestingly, my friend had never set up inflatables until that day.

However, the team soon encountered an unforeseen challenge. When it came time to dismantle the inflatables and load them back onto the trailer, they quickly realized they were understaffed. Desperate for assistance, they sought help from everyone present, hoping to fold and roll the inflatables back onto the trailer.

While exerting myself to assist, sweat trickling down my back, I asked Mike, the owner, if there was a tool to facilitate this process. He laughed at my suggestion, triggering an innovative idea in my mind. There had to be an easier way.

Fast forward a year, and I had produced the first inflatable roller. It didn't take long before every major inflatable manufacturer expressed interest in marketing this novel invention.

Since then, my journey has been a part of history. I've continued to innovate, developing improved models ever since. Additionally, the industry has broadened its reach, with my invention being utilized by the military for large tents. Other innovations have included motorized systems, airbag ramps, and adaptations for other industries.

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