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IRM 1500


IRM 2000






  • Saves time and money

  • Saves labor cost - eliminate 1 or 2 laborers

  • Prevent back injuries

  • Rolls up 25 feet inflatables in minutes

  • Works great on wet grass, mud, gym floors & slick surfaces

       Available in two models, IRM1500 & IRM 2000

IRM 2000

IRM 2000

The Inflatable Rolling Machine is revolutionizing the Party Rental Business, making it possible roll up giant Inflatables with just the push of a button.

No longer having employees standing around just to roll up the inflatable when you are finished with the rental/event. By being able to eliminate one or two workers, saves you money, time and effort. 

Eliminate back or other job related injuries!

Saving money or and requiring less laborers isn't the only reason to purchase a Inflatable Rolling Machine. Protecting yourself from injuries should be your highest priority, and the health of your employees. Life is too short to live with back pain most commonly associated with rolling Inflatables

IRM 1500

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 What others are saying about the Inflatable Rolling Machine!

Henry in Louisiana Says

I have a small water slide and bounce house business in Louisiana. The first two years I had a crew of four men working for me.

My son, Clint, saw a video of your machine on the internet. I questioned whether or not it would roll up wet 22' and 26' water slides.

I received the IRM2000, and it did everything that was advertised plus more! It rolls up big water slides as well as regular bounce houses with ease. It will roll up an inflatable in the mud, the sand, or in high weeds.

It is truly amazing and one of the best investments I have ever made! My crew consists of two people now, my son and I.

The inflatable rolling machine has become an indispensable piece of equipment for my business.

Party Jumps of Winnsboro, LA Says:
Received IRM2000, set it up yesterday, used it the first time on a 75' obstacle course... OH MY! This machine is incredible.

Thank you so very much.

The most strenuous part of our business has been alleviated. I now greatly anticipate summer and the water slide rentals without pause or reservation previously triggered by thoughts of the recovery effort. 

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Patent number   8,840,055

Method Patent   9169095

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