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  • Many Industrial Uses
  • Large Inflatables
  • Bounce Houses & Castles
  • Motocross AirBag Ramps
  • Large Event Carpets
  • Military Tents
  • Large Tarps

For IRM-800 & IRM-2000 Series rollers

IRM Replacement Parts

A collection of products for your Rolling Machine that are all easy to replace.

Why Choose Us?


All with just the push of a button! Saving you additional labor costs and severely diminish the possibility of worker injury.

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Easy To Use

Designed and Patented Inflatable Rolling Machine - Very easy to use. Plug it into power, push the button, roll away!

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Free Domestic US Shipping & International! *International customers pay any additional fees such as customs or remote locations.

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Customer Reviews

  • Susan From Facebook:

    Your inflatable rolling machine is absolutely everything you advertised.

    I have the IRM 2000. Mr Clifford (owner) has always answered phone calls and questions no matter the day or time.

    You will always have my business - thanks so much!

  • Jeffrey Willis

    We own a few of these! We started with a 4 wheel unit and then bought the 8 wheel unit for our bigger water slides.

    We fell in love with how easy it works, for cleaning days and pickup days.

    Makes rolling a breeze.

    Quality product and awesome customers service!

  • Timothy D. Bordelon

    I have one of the first models ever built the IRM 1000.

    My company purchased it in 2014 and it is still in use. We use it to roll inflatables weighing 800lbs or more.

    The traction in wet areas require you to push downward more on the machine.

    We would not have the delivery methods and times reduced without this machine. I will always own one as long as my business is operating. This machine is the back of our workers. I will be purchasing a newer model this year.

  • Henry in Louisiana:

    I have a small water slide and bounce house business in Louisiana. The first two years I had a crew of four men working for me.

    My son, Clint, saw a video of your machine on the internet. I questioned whether or not it would roll up wet 22' and 26' water slides.​

    I received the IRM2000, and it did everything that was advertised plus more! It rolls up big water slides as well as regular bounce houses with ease. It will roll up an inflatable in the mud, the sand, or in high weeds.

    It is truly amazing and one of the best investments I have ever made! My crew consists of two people now, my son and I.

    The inflatable rolling machine has become an indispensable piece of equipment for my business.

  • Party Jumps of Winnsboro, LA Says:

    Party Jumps of Winnsboro, LA Says:

    Received IRM-2000, set it up yesterday, used it the first time on a 75' obstacle course.

    OH MY! This machine is incredible!

    Thank you so very much!

    The most strenuous part of our business has been alleviated. I now greatly anticipate summer and the water slide rentals without pause or reservation previously triggered by thoughts of the recovery effort. 

  • Valued Customer

    Got me a new toy yesterday. Arrived just before pickups - This is the best for my large rolls.

    I have back issues and this is a god send!

    They are a little spendy but worth it in my case. This helps my back so much when rolling up the jumpers!

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We ship Worldwide!

We ship all products via FedEx.

While shipping times may vary, whether you are within the United States or anywhere in the world, tracking numbers and delivery estimates are always provided.

Our products can be purchased directly through the website, using Credit Card or PayPal.

The Roller Machines are USA Made and assembled in our warehouse in California.

Because we own the patent for the machine, please note we are the only sellers of the IRM line, and do not authorize any other distribution whatsoever.

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express but feel free to contact us for other payment options.

You will receive a tracking number via email once your order has been received and processed by our shipping department.

The IRM-800 has a weight capacity of 800lbs (363kg) and the IRM-2000 has a 2,000lbs (907kg) capacity.

Yes it does!

The Inflatable Rolling Machine is operated by one individual and others may help guide it, ensuring a straight, tight and secure roll.

A straight roll may be achieved by also leaning to the left or the right by the operator of the machine.

Some customers have stated that since the roller does all of the work, they have their assistant "walk the air out" of the inflatable as the machine is doing the heavy work.

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